The Texas Tech soccer team defeated ACU 2-0 at 1 p.m. on Saturday at the John Walker Soccer Complex for its first game of the spring season. 

In the 3rd minute, junior Jillian Martinez took a shot that hit the top of the crossbar. Graduate student Charlotte Teeter collected the rebound and takes a shot that just misses the goal.  

In the 10th minute senior Macy Schultz received a pass from sophomore Macy Blackburn and scored a goal that slipped right past the ACU goalkeeper. 

In the 21st minute, junior Elise Anderson got her first assist of the game as she sent pass from the corner, straight to sophomore Ashleigh Williams who hit it in for the second goal of the game. 

In the 30th minute, ACU attempted a corner shot but it is blocked by Tech’s sophomore goalkeeper, Madelynn Madden. 

At the end of the first half, Tech’s defense held ACU to only two shot attempts as the Red Raiders go into the half leading 2-0.  

In the 55th minute, Tech took its first shot of the half as Martinez dribbled around a defender and missed off the left crossbar.  

Schultz attempted to score her second goal of the game in the 60th minute, however, her attempt was caught by ACU’s goalie, and the score remainEd 2-0.  

After no shot attempts in a 15-minute stretch, Williams passes from the left line to sophomore Hailey Palmer but the pair an unable to score.

The Red Raiders defense held on throughout the duration of the 90-minute regulation which won their first game of the spring season.

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