Women representation

According to The World Bank.org, women make up almost 50 percent of the world population. However, women still face disparities in the workforce. Women’s presence matters in the work field, especially in male-dominated careers.

In a current world of male-dominated fields, there are certainly a few careers that demonstrate strong women's presence and express fully what women are capable of in and outside of the workforce. 

Despite many higher paying careers going toward men, women (especially entrepreneurial women) have found great accomplishment in abundance and have started and succeeded at their own companies from the ground up. 

Perseverance in a field creates beneficial results and even in the times we have lived through, anything is possible and women should have more representation and a loud, clear voice toward what they believe in. 

A specific woman who I admire has come in several times to my own work, at the Texas Tech Innovation Hub and is a fantastic public speaker, passionate about her ideas and how to execute them. Her name is Ayodele Agibe; she is in her early 20s and is the owner and CEO of Hangio. You might be wondering what this is and I did too prior to receiving much intel about what it entails and it is quite fascinating.

As the iHub website states, Ayo offers wardrobe solutions to optimize the everyday closet experience through cool, flexible, all-in-one hangers that revolutionize the way clothes are stored.

She created hangers unable to crease or indent clothing, especially clothing for important events and this all started with one simple idea.

A lot of respect goes out to this young woman because building the idea was challenging, but she persisted and motivated herself to see the project through and now is so incredibly successful. 

In a report by Harvard Business Law website, research shows when women are exposed to powerful female role models, they are more likely to endorse the notion that women are well suited for leadership roles. This demonstrates even small steps toward goals can be incredible opportunities no one should miss out on.

Women’s presence is a necessity within the workforce and is something we sadly do not see as much as we should, even to this day.

A way in which more of a voice can be heard by women as a whole is actually demonstrated through the previous article. Harvard Business Law mentions monthly or weekly check-ins between the less experienced and more senior women give younger women the opportunity to not only develop professionally, but also understand women have what it takes to succeed in an organization’s most prestigious roles.

This gives a large glimmer of hope, really representing that women have a strong, secure place in the work field and their opinions, goals and minds matter so very much.

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