Terrifier 2 is a gore fest from start to finish

“Terrifier 2” has people running out of the theater for its scary and gory scenes; read what Andrew Fallon had to say about this controversial horror film.

Amid its lengthy runtime, “Terrifier 2” provides an excruciatingly gross gore fest but entertaining time throughout.  

Much like its predecessor, the standout of the film was David Howard Thorton’s performance of the main antagonist, Art the Clown.

“Terrifier 2” marks the third feature film appearance of Art the Clown. His first appearance was in the 2011 anthology film “All Hallows’ Eve."

Thornton brings a much creepier vibe to director Damien Leone’s character than in the previous film. However, the bar was set pretty high due to Art the Clown having an extremely haunting presence in “Terrifier."

Like the first film, the narrative brings a lot of interesting ideas over the course of the film’s duration. However, it ends with a lot of questions unanswered. Hopefully they will be addressed in the next installment of the franchise. 

What bogs down the film the most is its runtime. “Terrifier 2” clocks in at 138 minutes which is interesting because its predecessor is only 85 minutes. 

The film contains quite a few scenes that are overlong. There is one dream-like sequence in particular that lasts about ten minutes too long and it sets the tone of what the pacing would be like for the majority of the runtime. 

As an avid enjoyer of horror flicks and also an individual who is not phased easily by gore, there were a few sequences in “Terrifier 2” that were heavily disturbing and went over the top. 

That being said, there is fun to be had with the film when it’s not dragging. The film’s final act is very entertaining and makes up for the first two acts that were mediocre. 

“Terrifier 2” is about on par with its predecessor, it does offer some concepts that should have been more fleshed out but also does not have any interesting characters other than its antagonist 

Rating : 2.5/5 

“Terrifier 2” is out in theaters now. 

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