Media Review Monday: “Black Adam”

Dwayne Johnson delivers a powerful performance as the titular character in the DCEU’s newest film installment “Black Adam”.

While “Black Adam” doesn’t shy away from the traditional comic book film narrative, the film is a blast from start to finish and a welcome addition to the DC extended universe.

From the grandiose action sequences, cheesy one liners and simple writing, Dwayne Johnson has his signature style all over the film. 

Although Johnson gives a performance that most moviegoers would expect from him, it ends up being just the performance of what the character needed. Out of all the different DC heroes and villains, the role of Black Adam suits Johnson very well. 

The standout performance from the film however was Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Fate. The sorcerer superhero has always been such a cool character from his looks to his abilities. Brosnan did an excellent job portraying him and it would be a delight to see him in future DC films. 

While the film proved to be a fun experience throughout the entire run-time, there wasn’t much of a story worth remembering. All of the story beats are nothing different from a typical comic book film. Everything from the introduction, conflict and the climactic final battle all felt familiar, but director Jaume Collet-Serra does a good job making a familiar narrative an exciting time at the theater. 

Serra is no stranger to being at the helm of big blockbuster films. His previous directorial project “Jungle Cruise” was his first outing working with Dwayne Johnson. Working on that film gave the experience Serra needed to handle directing a film of huge magnitude such as “Black Adam”. The Spanish-American director should get the chance to do more blockbuster films often, especially if they involve Dwayne Johnson. The two seem to make a good recipe for a fun theater experience. 

If you enjoy comic book films, “Black Adam” leave you more than satisfied walking out of the theater but don’t go in expecting a well-made, Academy Award-winning product. 

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

“Black Adam” is out in theaters now.

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