Editor’s Note: These Letters to the Editor are responses to the recent “Frat Chat” messages that surfaced on social media. The DT asked people to send in their thoughts and reactions through our social media pages on Friday, June 22. These letters were written and submitted by members of the Texas Tech community and are their views. These letters do not represent the views of The DT or Texas Tech.

It is due time that we recognize as a collective that, indeed, this is a part of the fabric of the school. We cannot passively say this type of attitude toward other human beings is unique and exclusive to the student body.

This was a Texas Tech student who was the leader of a large student organization that, within its constituency, represents a body of students harmed by this individual’s comments.

There are minority students everywhere on this campus that have had to live with the reality of unchecked cruelty and aggression imbued with racism, homophobia, classism and all other forms of conceivable hatred. This kind of attitude does not only appear in the private chatrooms of a select few. This is felt in classrooms, hallways, dorms, on the sidewalks and every other inch of this campus.

Students with the power to say and do something to stop this kind of hatred are popping in their earbuds and averting their eyes. While it is the duty of the university to respond, the duty also lies with every single person who can act within an identity of power. We have to put in the effort and the empathy to stop this type of action from continuing as soon as it starts and to isolate and deconstruct the sentiments that drive those behaviors.

We let this happen, we can end it.

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