A select number of students has been active and unbiased in their attempts to inform the student body post-election.

What has really struck me is the “political professionalism” that has appeared on Texas Tech’s campus.

While walking through campus, I recently noticed active political student organizations proudly displaying both political symbols in a sign of armistice.

The Tech Student Democrats organization was present alongside the Tech College Republicans and numerous other student organizations to foster harmony rather than distress over the recent election result.

I found it particularly comforting to hear from these students that if anyone needed information about the election or information about President-elect Donald Trump — or even the electoral process in general — they were more than happy to be of assistance.

Moreover, Tech’s Student Union Building Free Speech area was so well organized that the majority of people stopping to ask questions were faculty.

The attempt of a smaller body of student organizations to come together in order to not actively sway, but to inform the general student population, was a breath of fresh air in this gloomy and uncertain political climate.

As pleasant an itinerary  as the Tech student political organizations had, there isn’t enough of this kind of national service to really inform the public of the effects of voting.

It’s more urgent than ever to inform our nation of how the voting system really works in order to ensure a prosperous future.

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