LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Student safety

Making efforts to stay focused and avoid distractions keeps Tech’s campus safe as a whole. 

Look up!

Cars, skateboards, scooters, and students, oh my! For anybody on Texas Tech campus during school hours, the sea of students moving around can be overwhelming.

Students move from one point of campus to another in various ways, including walking, biking, skateboarding, riding a scooter or driving in their car. With these different actions being taken by many people simultaneously, a new factor presents an issue that has become increasingly relevant: cell phone and headphone distraction. 

A targeted campaign to make students realize the importance of paying attention while moving across campus is vital to ensuring the safety of all at Texas Tech.

Students who look down at their phone while moving, often paired with listening to headphones, inhibit their ability to listen for oncoming traffic and pose a serious risk to themselves and others. This issue poses an even higher risk when students choose the quickest path by jaywalking or darting between cars in a parking lot.

However, this type of distraction can be greatly reduced by promoting an initiative to target students and show the importance of paying attention while moving across intersections of foot and vehicle traffic.

This is relevant for all, as a Texas Tech campus with no collisions or distracted students would allow current students and faculty to feel safer at their school or place of work while also promoting an inviting atmosphere for visitors and prospective students.

If students can be made aware of the risk they pose to others while distracted, more would take the time to remain attentive while moving across campus.

Reach out today to our impactful Risk Intervention & Safety Education department (rise@ttu.edu) to kindly ask them to promote student awareness when moving across our campus, making it safer for all.

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