With the transition to a new administration, we have seen many attempts to change the current Democratic healthcare plan, Obamacare. 

Yet no draft of the Republican’s Affordable Care Act seems to be acceptable to the public. The incomplete healthcare plan is not our biggest concern when it comes to health. 

We are fixated on getting our government to create a plan that will “take care of us.” But we do not even take care of ourselves. According to publications on Trust for America’s Health’s website, about eighty percent of American adults do not meet the government’s national physical activity recommendations for aerobic activity and muscle strengthening.

How can we ask our country to worry about our health when we do not worry about it ourselves. We want cheaper or free healthcare, understandably, yet we are doing nothing to prevent diseases that affect a massive number of Americans such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. 

These diseases are responsible from $147 to $210 billion dollars every year. Having a healthier lifestyle will show we are trying to take care of our body, that will show we care. 

Our solution is not a healthcare that covers everyone. Our solution lies within healthier eating habits and regular exercise regulated by congress. By doing this we will see a massive decrease in the need for healthcare and expenditure, we need to focus on preventing rather than on treating. 

We need to care about ourselves before we ask others to.

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Helena Mathews

Really amazing article it is Mario Yague, I am amazed at the remedial brisbane as they all have been pretty supportive too, The health care program is really helping us a lot. Thanks again for the share

Helena Mathews

Mario Yague thank you for this good and well shared post at www.InfoAging.org site as well. This letter to editor seems really impressive. I totally agree, indeed, No health care plan will fix U.S. Appreciated post.


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