I have enjoyed and used the Leisure Pool at the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center since its opening in 2009.

But now, as a father of a 2-year-old toddler who enjoys playing in the water, it is very disappointing to see the conditions of the bathrooms and showers that my family and I encountered during our most recent visits.

I would like to express my concern regarding the facilities: Some of the shower heads in the family rooms are broken and/or don’t stay in place, and the floors are grimy and unsanitary.

Moreover, for the second year in a row, the splashpad, one of the key features of the facility, has not been working. I have asked several times since 2017 when the splashpad/jets/pumps will be repaired but no one has been able to provide me with an answer.

I really encourage the facility director to address this situation as proper, working facilities are important for the health of the users and they will provide a statement to the Texas Tech community that the university has a steadfast commitment to have the best, most beautiful campus in the United States.

Not only that, it will also help with the recruitment of future students, faculty and staff members. If this situation gets addressed and repairs are made before the end of the summer, I know my son, wife and the rest of the families will be very thankful for it.

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