Sunday morning, Nov. 12, I woke up, checked Twitter and promptly realized something was weirder than normal: an impressive feat in 2017. 

Top of the trending list was #boycottKeurig. For those out of the loop, as I was, Keurig, the coffee company, dropped its advertisements from Sean Hannity’s Fox News program after he defended Roy Moore, an Alabama Senate candidate, accused of sexual assaulting a minor. Devout fans of Hannity decided the best choice of action was to boycott the coffee company, and a few particularly pious followers even tweeted videos of them smashing their coffee makers. 

The movement is something of a joke. Some see it as a concerning symptom of the extreme “us or them” mentality plaguing the United States, but most see it as the insular reaction of a few extremists. 

Any honest American can admit that this year has been far afield of normal politics. People are more and more worked up about less and less, but eventually, we all hit the point when enough is enough. 

So, maybe next time we feel the need to smash the actual most important appliance in our house — it is a coffee pot — don’t. Stress about the media should not ruin breakfast. 

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