My name is Quinn Cox, and I am the Southwest Director of Students for Concealed Carry. 

We recently heard about the upcoming discussion at Texas Tech about campus carry. I was concerned that SCC was not approached about providing a representative for this event.

As a national organization established in 2007, Students for Concealed Carry predates Open Carry Texas by five years. Additionally, it is hard for me to understand why the best representative for the concealed carry of firearms on college campuses was an organization that advocates for the unlicensed, open carry of firearms across the state.

The National Rifle Association affiliate and the Texas State Rifle Association credited just three organizations with passing the campus carry law in Texas. One of those organizations was Students for Concealed Carry. The other two organizations were the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association.

Despite all of these factors, SCC was never approached, yet other groups, namely Open Carry Texas were immediately contacted. There is no reason that SCC should be excluded from this debate. Clearly, SCC is the authority on campus carry for the State of Texas. We are a single issue organization.

This is our forte. We do not know why we were left out, but possibly your readers might be interested.

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I am the founder of Open Carry Texas and will be one of the panelists at this forum. I do agree with the letter writer that Students for Concealed Carry should be involved in this forum. I will disagree that Open Carry Texas had nothing to do with the passage of the campus carry law. Open Carry Texas has been involved at every stage of the campus carry law process. We spoke on behalf of the bill individually to legislators as well as in committee hearings. We have attended college Board meetings around the state as these colleges were creating their policies to ensure that they were in line with the spirit, intent, and letter of the law. Open Carry Texas has been filing complaints against universities whose policies violate the law. We are not an organization solely focused on the open carry of firearms without a license, though the carry of firearms by law-abiding citizens without a license (open or concealed) is our primary objective. We also strive to eliminate gun-free zones anywhere and everywhere they exist. That includes on college campuses. The Texas State Rifle Association has been embarrassed by the efforts and achievements of the Grassroots gun rights movement that has popped up over the last 5 years in Texas. So it is not surprising that they would not credit Open Carry Texas or Texas Carry or other groups when touting the success of the campus carry law. I personally worked with Antonia Okafor while she was here to make this happen. While I agree that Students for Campus Carry should have a role in this forum, I wholeheartedly disagree with their assertion that Open Carry Texas had nothing to do with the passage of the campus carry law. It's also personal for me as a senior at Texas A & M.


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