In a recent email, students were notified Texas Tech is looking for ways to impact the way graduation is executed.

This would include the removal of the August ceremony, guest ticketing, a one-time diploma fee and other ceremonial details. We currently have three commencement ceremonies, fall and spring, both lasting on average of three hours.

Based on the Office of the Provost, 1,478 students participated in the Summer 2017 ceremony. So basically, they are trying to squeeze another 1,500 students into two already packed graduations.

How long would graduation last now? Nobody wants to sit there for 5 hours waiting for a piece of paper that we will not actually get for another 4-6 weeks.

Don’t forget that one-time diploma fee, as if it is not in the other $30,000-plus we have already paid.

Will these graduates even be able to walk the stage? You know, because everyone stays in Lubbock after they graduate for an additional six months to walk across the stage at a ceremony that is long after their actual graduation. In regard to guest tickets, some of us have big families, some of us don’t. Does this mean Tech students will be able to go without a ticket to watch our friends and/or school family? Seems like another way to squeeze a little more money out of the graduates before they leave.

Go check your Tech email, find and fill out the survey from the Student Government Association to voice your opinion on the graduation changes.

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