*Editor’s note: the following is in response to the personal opinion column “Tech should ban Greek organizations” from Tuesday’s issue of The DT.

The fact that this article even was allowed to run is absurd. Yes, everyone has the right to their own opinion and freedom of speech is one of the rights I would never even think about taking away, but there are laws such as libel that Sigler is getting dangerously close to crossing.

“I certainly wouldn’t want to pick a blossomed ‘lady’ from many of these groups, many losing moral petals by the semester and frequent plucking.” You’re allowing every sorority woman on our campus to be called a woman whose only interests are sleeping around. These women lead Young Life groups, campus and Greek-wide bible studies, mentor young girls and boys across the Lubbock community and lead countless other organizations that stand for goodness and virtue that many non-Greeks attend and enjoy.

These women who are “...losing moral petals by the semester and frequent plucking,” were nominated and chosen out of many applicants, Greek and non-Greek, and were decided to be the best because of their service to the community and morals that so clearly align with what younger generations should be looking up to.

And what about these blazer-wearing boys trying to learn how to become “real men” you ask? They are right next to these women, in charge of these exact things and mentoring in the exact same places.

I guess it takes a boy to apply to be a mentor at Lubbock’s Women’s Protective Services. I guess it takes a boy to be a leader in RaiderThon to help Children’s Miracle Network. I guess it takes a boy to lead high school youths in need or even those that aren’t in need but might just need someone to look up to.

I guess “real men” don’t do all these things, but I know for certain “real men” don’t bash entire groups of people that they don’t know anything about. A real man would have gotten to know members of this apparently damnable community of fellow Red Raiders before deciding that we aren’t worthy of respect or at least enough respect to learn the real facts.

The members of the Greek community have an average higher GPA than non-Greeks and a higher post-undergrad success rate. Yes, Greek life has been in the spotlight for negative reasons recently, but these organizations are not the only ones who have lost a student recently or who have had a few bad seeds give their whole organization a bad name.

This entire article is honestly sad. I’m sad to hear that this person and the entire The Daily Toreador staff has such little respect for those that they share a school, traditions, and many other non-Greek organizations with. Get to know us. We don’t discriminate between Greek and non-Greek students. We were all non-Greeks at one point or another, and not much has changed between the two periods of time. From my, and most other Greek’s, standpoint, I have become a better, stronger woman through my Greek organization. I truly hope The Daily Toreador’s apparent prejudice toward Greek life stops with the help of some education.


A very disappointed human, Greek life member and fellow Red Raider.

Erika Moon is a senior restaurant, hotel and institutional management major from McKinney.

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