Former Alabama judge and Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Roy Moore, has a fifth victim of sexual assault step forward with claims of harassment.

Beverly Young Nelson is the fifth accuser, exposing Moore of his sexual assault attempt on her when she was 16-years-old. Sexual assault of women by powerful men has been an ongoing problem. We experienced similar accusations during President Trump’s election, although two of Moore’s accusers were under the majority age, and all that was done was victim shaming.

The truth is, sexual assault is hard to prove, it is even more difficult when women feel unsafe to come forward for fear nothing will be done and they will have exposed themselves in a vulnerable way.

Men of power argue that there is no coincidence in the timing the women come forward with their sexual assault stories. In this instance, we must remember that women have been brought up to believe that they are to blame for being attacked and the belief of the sexual assault will be dismissed as a rouse.

Moore should be investigated strongly and thrown off the ballot until the accusations are confirmed or dismissed. Politicians, such as Mitch McConnell did, need to speak up for women dealing with their sexual assaults.

Our country needs to stop overlooking the seriousness of sexual assault accusations. We need to stop blaming the women and start teaching and showing men that sexual assault has a zero tolerance in America, an unfortunate lesson we must teach.

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