Censorship is a threat

In the wake of Elon Musk’s newest subscription fee on Twitter, the action has sparked debate on whether social media platforms use their power to censor users.

It's time to talk.

Today, society is censoring our freedom of speech and dividing our country without an open line for dialogue between two different schools of thought. 

This new ideology of cancel culture limits the protection of this first amendment right due to differing viewpoints. 

We risk losing one of the most valuable rights to express our thoughts, beliefs and points of view. As citizens, we must be proactive in preserving the integrity of this freedom.

For example, Twitter, an American communication company, claims to serve as an "open service that's home to a world of diverse people, perspectives, ideas and information." Twitter expresses, "it matters to [them] that people have a free and safe space to talk." The company shares that they believe "freedom of speech is a fundamental human right," but "freedom to have that speech amplified on Twitter is not." ("About Twitter | Our Company Purpose, Principles, Leadership." 2022)

Allowing people to express their views in a peaceful, open atmosphere stimulates conversation without fear of retribution.

Whether you agree or disagree, opening your ears and mind to different perspectives may provide a better understanding of how freedom of speech works.

Restricting opportunities for citizens to voice their opinion, regardless of one's point of view, does not support free speech. This right comes with responsibility and accountability to each other and helps to assist the vital process of bringing balance to our society.

For free speech to thrive, we must share mutual respect toward the expressions of others and likewise of ourselves.

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