In the past two decades, the way people live their lives have completely shifted. Society is consumed by social media.

These platforms are curating an unrealistic expectation of people, especially teens and young adults. As a senior in college, I am aware of the feelings that are brought up from the pressure of trying to be “perfect."

From 2009 to 2017, depression rates skyrocketed in people aged 12-21. This coincides perfectly with the rise of social media.

With that being said, we don’t have our parents around anymore to notice when there is a decline in our mental health and do something about it to protect us. We have to protect ourselves now.

As a college student, learning to keep yourself happy and healthy can be tough. The social scene can be especially hard if you haven’t found a group of people you like being around yet.

When you add social media to the picture, it all seems to be even more difficult. The huge social media platforms that we know and “love” are really just a highlight reel of someone’s life.

You don’t see the nitty-gritty; you see exactly what they want you to see. These platforms are used by the wide majority and seeing everyone else’s “highlight reel” can sometimes make a person feel like their life isn’t good enough.

This is where the problem needs to be addressed. Comparison is not a winning game for anyone.

Teens and young adults need to take matters into their own hands to take care of themselves. Ways to do this are removing likes or comments from your Instagram posts, spending less time on social media and putting more time and effort into the quality of your life and the people you love. 

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