Price inflation’s effect felt on shoppers

Every college student has had to endure the pressing issue of inflation, especially as of late, whether it is with gas, groceries or clothing prices.

When it comes to inflation of clothing costs, even places we once knew as reliable and affordable like Target or Walmart, the prices of everything have seemingly increased overnight.

Every time I have gone on a “Target run” lately, I am shocked by how expensive everything has become; even tank tops that were once less than $5 are now upwards of $15 so we, as college students, are inclined to look elsewhere to stock our wardrobes.

Due to the expensive clothing market, it has become increasingly more difficult to purchase adequate clothing, even more so for full-time college students who usually do not possess a job. 

Students, especially through social media platforms, see certain styles that they would love to incorporate into their own wardrobes, but these individuals find it increasingly more difficult to express themselves due to the cost of clothing. 

I know, personally, there are many outfit ideas or accessories (such as Tiffany & Co) that I have wanted for years, but have never been able to attain due to the pricing and, if we thought clothes were expensive a few years ago, we have inflation to thank now for unreasonably priced outwear.

This cause-and-effect relationship leads students toward unethical markets for clothing, such as Shein or RomWe.

College students are unsure of where else to turn when looking for stylish, cheap clothing. Despite the fact they might not be proud of it, affordability will always rule. 

There are many people in college who have stylish ideas and want to express themselves with what they wear but cannot afford to do so. Most students will wear leggings and sweatpants to class, but it is enjoyable to dress nice whether it be for the bars, a Birthday party or simply going out to dinner. 

Most college individuals thrift, primarily because it is cheap and the items are not always mass produced so they are somewhat unique, but even thrift stores have become more expensive in just the last 6 months. I went thrifting the other day and was surprised by how much items were priced at now, even in Lubbock.

Aside from thrift by the pound stores, which literally cannot be altered in weight, most clothing markets have significantly upped their prices and it is hard for college students to afford the increase.

When college students who cannot afford certain clothes see that others are wearing $50 T-shirt or $200 jeans, it makes them feel out of place or inadequate. These individuals despise the fact that they cannot express their own style and afford staple pieces for their closet and understandably so!

Inflation has most definitely been the root cause of college students’ demise and the unnerving fact that they are unable to express themselves for 4+ years; these are all creative students who have ideas for communicating their individuality but simply do not possess the funds for doing so.

This is the unfortunate reality of the economy, as of now, and students have taken the hit harder than most.

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