The U.S. Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022, ending the 1973 ruling that protected a pregnant woman’s right to abortion under the U.S. Constitution.

The initial 1973 ruling came after a case was presented by Norma McCorvey, known as “Jane Roe”, after she became pregnant with her third child and sought an abortion. However, abortion was illegal in the state of Texas at the time where McCorvey lived.

After filing a lawsuit against her local district attorney, Henry Wade, a three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas ruled in McCorvey’s favor stating the Texas abortion ban as unconditional.

Once appealed to the Supreme Court, the Court ruled in favor of McCorvey or Roe, stating the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment provides the “right to privacy,” which protects a women’s right to have an abortion.

One of the most controversial rulings in U.S. history, the Roe v. Wade decision ultimately gave woman a choice.

The recent ruling to overturn this decision strips away that choice for women. No woman or person should lose bodily autonomy, however, the U.S. government has taken away this right.

Protests erupted around the country, with pro-choice and pro-life groups clashing over the landmark decision.

President Biden spoke out against the ruling, issuing a White House brief statement saying, “Today, the Supreme Court of the United States expressly took away a constitutional right from the American people that it had already recognized.”

In contrast, Gov. Greg Abbott’s statement said, “The U.S. Supreme Court correctly overturned Roe v. Wade and reinstated the right of states to protect innocent, unborn children.”

The decision emphasizes the growing division within the U.S. with many in favor or against the ruling.

The overturn of Roe v. Wade sets up an unsafe country for the women and children of America.

The U.S. is a country where a formula shortage threatens the starvation of infants, over 400,000 children are in foster care and according to the Washington Post, the U.S. ranks last for maternity leave compared to other countries.

Furthermore, mass shootings threaten the lives of school-aged children, the most recent Uvalde school shooting took the lives of 19 children.

This country cannot protect the children that have been born but push this narrative of protecting ‘unborn’ lives that feeds into a falsified overtly evangelical narrative.

Abortions have been necessary in saving lives and providing women with the right to choose.

Medical cases such as ectopic pregnancy require an abortion to save the mother’s life, a fetus of an ectopic pregnancy cannot survive.

No woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from rape or incest, which often in these cases we see little girls as victims. These women are your mothers, daughters, friends or family and they should have a choice in a situation that took their consent away.

The religious agenda that feeds into the anti-abortion narrative is challenged by medical data that shows a fetus is not a viable living human at conception. While a heartbeat can be detected at six weeks, it is only the reaction of the heart forming and does not constitute a living functional being.

While abortion bans have been put in place by trigger laws in states such as Texas and Oklahoma, states are also working to criminalize miscarriages. This is detrimental to women’s rights and safety. Miscarriages happen naturally and should not be a prison sentence for a woman.

In 2021, Brittney Poolaw from Oklahoma was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison for first-degree manslaughter after suffering a miscarriage at four months pregnant. This case unfairly uses a woman’s suffering to satisfy the dangerous agenda of pro-life.

While many preach pro-life, those people often forget the people that are already here and take women’s lives and freedoms away for an unjust cause.

Poolaw’s case displays the war against women the government is waging, the safety of myself and women all over are in danger.

The right of abortion should be left to pregnant women, no man or government should have a say in the choices women make.

Roe v. Wade represented a right to privacy and the recent overturning not only threatens abortion access but other privacy laws such as same-sex marriage. 

Like many, it is hard to fathom why the Supreme Court would make a decision that harms women. However, the U.S. has a history of hate and discrimination against women. Instead of moving forward, the government has chosen to move backwards.

As a woman, I am scared of the possibility of getting pregnant and having to birth a child against my will. This fear is now a reality for many women and girls.

There must be change. This cannot be the end. Whether it be through voting or other measures, the fight for women’s rights will continue until women can finally have their right to choose again.

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