It is a common fact that when students attend college for the first time as an undergrad, they are a little lost on what they want to do. High school doesn’t give a large opportunity for students to discover things they are interested in unless they join a club or an organization that’s interesting to them. 

While forcing students to go out of their comfort zone is sometimes a radical idea, if students were pushed in high school, college would not be such a difficult time for them to discover new things they enjoy. When it especially comes to academics, students do not realize what they are capable of. In high school, you need the basic curriculum with math, science and history courses, but there is so much to those subjects that are offered in college. 

However, by the time they get to this stage in life, it costs money to take a class that seems interesting. And most students do not have the time or money to just try something out. They come in to get their degree and leave. 

Although according to Frank website, a website on helping students financially pay for college, at least 80 percent of students change their major in college. This may be due to the fact that students actually realize there is more to their education than the standard curriculum and they would like to explore more academic resources. 

Tech for example offers about 80 undergraduate degrees. within those courses are minors and even concentrations. Options that students in high school do not realize they have until they are already spending money on classes that will later not be applied to their degree plans. 

If universities made it a requirement to outsource a few courses for their core, a lot of students would be earlier on figure out they do or don’t like a subject that they are studying. While it may be a burden for some students who do come into college fully knowing what they want to do, it does not hurt for them to take classes that are a little outside their comfort zone. 

One of Tech’s requirements for the core is to complete sciences. Those that are in the college of communication may freak out at this requirement as I initially did before as well, but over time I learned there are science and communication-related fields and programs. 

If I had not had to take the science class, I would not have learned I am not bad at science. I just hadn’t taken any science classes yet in my life that I liked. For other students, if they were put into classes in other colleges in the early stages of their college career, they can save time and money figuring out what it is they actually enjoy. 

Or, students discover niche programs or concentrations within their designated field. College is the time to slow down and really zone in on what is the future. For students, sometimes there is a conception that whatever path they choose, it is the only path they can take. 

Tech is a gracious school and is not like others when it comes to letting students change their career plans. This university allows students to change majors or add another with the help of advisors from different colleges. 

Even if it is not a requirement to go out of college and take a class on something completely out of one’s realm, students should still consider it before graduating. 

According to an article by Azusa Pacific University, employers like to see individuals who are well rounded and not only limited to one subject. 

Tech offers a range of electives, so students should definitely take full advantage of the opportunities before they graduate. Not only will they learn something they may like or differently, don’t like, but the options for their future also grow as they develop new skills and foundations. 

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