Thanks, Birth Control Day!

Thanks, Birth Control Day is an initiative to curb the misconceptions surrounding birth control and educate people on the importance of contraceptives.

Thanks, Birth Control Day takes place Nov. 16, 2022 and is a day to show how grateful women are for having accessible and affordable birth control in their lives. Birth control has been used by 99% of US women, according to Power to Decide, a women’s health website. Birth control allows for an opportunity to plan for a family on one's own terms. 

On the Power to Decide website, merchandise such as hats, t-shirts and masks will be available on this day for women who wish to purchase something to represent. There are also donation sections throughout the website and twitter account made accessible. 

Despite the fact that birth control was originally intended to prevent pregnancy, it has also allowed women opportunities to improve their menstrual cycle circumstances because there are some women who do not need birth control as a contraceptive more so as pain alleviation. In addition, birth control pills also help with acne and hormone concerns (which pertains to a regular period) because it controls estrogen levels.

There have seemingly always been assumptions made that any woman who uses forms of birth control are sexually active, but this is not always the case. Women who just started their period at 13 or even younger might have to make the decision to get on birth control to help with the negative side effects.

I have even had many friends who started using birth control earlier than most because they had horrible cramps or had an inconsistent period and, when they went to the doctor’s for a checkup, it was recommended and even encouraged. 

Birth control has gradually become a subject that is considered “taboo” to discuss, especially around individuals of the opposite sex who might find it unappealing to talk about. That is why the dedicated day for birth control is so important to women who feel that they are not seen or represented in a positive manner when it comes to topics such as these.

The concept of sex and birth control used to be considered important subjects that need to be evaluated in sex education, but recently it seems that, other than Thanks Birth Control, it is not viewed as significant anymore. 

Some grown adults, male and female alike, do not understand how birth control works, how to engage in safe sex or what to do if something goes wrong. Sex education is an extremely influential lesson when it is expressed successfully toward a young audience and, because kids are having sex so young now, they need to understand what is at stake and not just the assumed benefits.

Thanks, Birth Control has shown what a little bit of recognition can do for the public and that demonstrating the aspects of sexual intercourse in a healthy, positive manner. If sex education, birth control and comfortability in the subject are represented, people will understand what is required to stay safe and extend their own education about it to others.

This is important to, not only our own generation and ourselves, but to our kids or younger siblings who will soon experience the same situation as we have.

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