On September 12, the Texas Tech Office of Communications and Marketing sent out this advisory: http://today.ttu.edu/2014/09/texas-tech-celebrates-spanish-day/

That same day, I sent all of you the email below with the attached documents. I also visited your office with the intention of talking to someone about what we were doing, but unfortunately, I was told at the reception by three ladies that none of you were around. I left a note with my information as well as copies of the flyer.

On the day of the event, September 15, I was informed by members of the organization that someone came in at the beginning and took a picture and left. Nobody from The Daily Toreador saw the forum. When I returned that evening, I realized that Liana Solis had sent an email that afternoon to see if she could meet with me to talk about our celebration of Mexican independence. Because it was the day of the event, I did not see that email until after the event, and I sent her a message saying we did not celebrate Mexican independence, and that what we celebrated was Spanish Day.

After all the information we sent you, and the very clear information in the advisory from the Office of Communications and Marketing, and all the announcements we made on TechAnnounce, and all the efforts we made to contact you the week before the event and the opportunity you had to attend the event and get the correct information, we cannot understand how you could publish an article on our event with the wrong information.

From the title to the last word you said about our event, everything was wrong. We did not celebrate Mexican independence. Our focus was on the Spanish language. What we did had nothing to do with Mexican independence. It was an academic event. We celebrated Spanish Day, which is a day we established to bring attention to the Spanish language and the cultures of the Hispanic world, and the main event this year was an academic forum on the Spanish language, and we made that clear in all our announcements.

The article also said the panelists talked about Mexican independence, which was false. The time we were doing the forum, there was nobody there from The Daily Toreador. The forum was all about the Spanish language and had absolutely nothing to do with Mexican independence.

We are not happy at all with the article Liana Solis wrote about our event. She did not use the correct information we made available to you, which she did not even need to talk to anybody about since we had made it so clear to the media, and she did not attend the event to get the correct information. Duncan Stanley’s photographs were beautiful, but the story that went along with them was totally incorrect. We spent a whole year planning this event to bring awareness to the Spanish language, and it is unfortunate that the student body did not get the correct message from this paper.

Thank you.

Dr. Comfort Pratt


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