Location, entry for RaiderGate

RaiderGate is located in lot R03 and students can enter through 18th street for the festivities. 

Before students pile into the Jones AT&T Stadium, there is a tradition to amp up the excitement before kickoff. This pre-game is named RaiderGate. 

This year, the pregame takes place in the R-3 parking lot, south of the library. 

According to a Student Activities Board Instagram post, the location of RaiderGate changed due to construction happening in the previous location’s parking lot. 

With this location change, SAB said students are able to walk alongside the Goin’ Band from Raiderland as they march to the stadium. 

RaiderGate opens four hours before the game starts and students are allowed entry until an hour before kickoff. 

For entry, students must present their RaiderGate passes at a check in station located at 18th & Boston Avenue, according to the RaiderGate policies website. 

Students can reserve passes online through the RaiderGate website and pick them up in the Student Activities office, located in the West Basement, SUB Suite 020. 

Passes for each tailgate are available first come first serve on a weekly basis, limited to two per individual student and six per student organization, according to the SAB RaiderGate website. 

Additionally, vehicles are not allowed entry an hour before kickoff and vehicles that remain in the tailgate area after RaiderGate ends must stay until the game ends or four hours after kickoff, whichever scenario happens first, according to the RaiderGate policies website. 

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