Student walks to first day of classes

Students are preparing for the first day of classes by looking for their classrooms around campus.

With the first day of classes at Texas Tech University underway, it signifies the first taste of college for many students who have recently made their way to Lubbock.

Jackson Chapman, a creative media industry major from Sweetwater, said he is beginning his first-year on campus. Falling into tradition, Chapman has been attending Raider Welcome events in anticipation for the first day.

“I’d say so far with all the Raider Welcome events going on, I’m trying to get into the mindset that college isn't just this fun experience,” Chapman said. “ I definitely think Texas Tech just has this huge expansive variety of opportunities and organizations, and as long as you manage that the right way, I definitely think it’s helpful for sure, and it’s to our advantage.”

When it comes to the differences between high school and college, first year kinesiology major from Mansfield, Adam Hewitt said he is mentally preparing for the year. Hewitt said he is adapting to a morning centric schedule and finding what works best for him.

“College is a lot different. I’m new to this, so I’m obviously a lot more prepared. I have notes ready, I just mentally prepared myself,” Hewitt said. “Because I’m really good at waking up in the morning, I obviously wanted to have the rest of the day to myself to study, do work, workout and have more time to myself.”

First year students are also learning about buying textbooks for the first time. Agricultural education major, Kasey Dunn, from Keller, said her friends came up with a cheaper alternative for buying textbooks. 

“Me and my friends, we went in as a group because we have the same classes, and just bought our books together. It was cheaper that way,” Keller said.

Other first-years such as Catherine Mennemeyer are embracing the liberty found over the college border. Mennemeyer, a finance and management major, said she is adjusting to the difficulties of time management.


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“In high school, it was such a set schedule, like everyone had to be there at the same time, and the thing with college is that you work around your own life,” Mennemeyer said. “I guess just having that freedom for me is just something that I’m really excited to take advantage of.”

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