SGA runoff elections winners announced

On March 24, 2023, SGA announced Joel Rivero as the new Student Body President and Kendall Toelle as the new External Vice President for the next academic school year.

The Student Government Association announced its election results for the run of election that occurred for Student Body President and External Vice President on March 24. 

The 99th Student Body President will be Joel Rivero a third-year political science and finance student from Midland representing Tech Timeless. 

Next school year’s External Vice President will be Kendall Toelle a third-year chemistry major from Lubbock representing Tech Timeless. 

Toelle said she feels this election process an experience was like no other.

“I feel very honored to continue to serve our community,” Toelle said. “I mean yeah, humbled is the best way to put it because this experience was just amazing. Unlike anything I have ever done before.”

The Executive team for Student Government Association will fill its position on May 1. 

Rivero said that as elected Student Body President he would like to meet students where they are at in order to try and serve them best. 

“It’s super important to stay true to what we say that we wanted to run on and meet our students where they are rather than waiting on them to come to us,” Rivero said. 

The first thing the Executive team plans on doing when they take office is to establish a timeline of initiatives. 

“We only have one year to finish everything off,” Rivero said. “But, if we start as soon as we get into office, I think that we can get that going. So the first thing we are gonna do is start a timeline for our initiatives, because we want to ensure that we finish those within our year.” 

Rivero said that he felt emotional after hearing his hard work since last November paid off.

“I am very humbled and very excited,” Rivero said. “I know this is only the beginning, but we are so excited, and I actually shed a few tears when I heard my name. I just couldn’t stop shaking.” 

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