Lubbock Proposition A has been passed by popular vote on Nov. 8, 2022.

$200 million from the general obligations bond will be issued for the funding needed to improve the city’s infrastructure. This includes streets, sidewalks, utility line relocations, traffic signals and storm drains. Further developments include the Dunbar-Manhattan Heights neighborhood and heavily populated residential areas in city council districts. 

The passing of Proposition A will result in a tax increase to cover the cost of the proposed budget for infrastructure maintenance. 

Advisable road expansions listed in priority order of the political action committee are as follows:

  • 34th St. from Ave. Q to I-27 

  • 82nd St. from I-27 to MLK Jr. Blvd.

  • MLK Blvd. from 74th St. to 82nd St.

  • 34th St. from Quaker Ave. to Slide Rd.

  • 146th St. from Quaker Ave. to Indiana Ave.

  • 114th St. from Indiana Ave. to University Ave.

  • 98th St. from Alcove Ave. to Upland Ave.

  • Upland Ave. from 34th St. to 50th St.

  • 66th St. from Alcove Ave. to Upland Ave.

  • 114th St. from Frankford Ave. to Slide Rd.

  • Upland Ave. from 50th St. to 66th St.

  • Upland Ave. from 4th St. to 19th St.

  • Milwaukee Ave. from 4th St. to the north city limits

  • Upland Ave. from 34th St. to 19th St.

  • 34th St. from Milwaukee Ave. to Upland Ave.

Editor's note: this story has been updated. 

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