Fran Lebowitz

Photo courtesy of Brigitte Lacombe. Fran Lebowitz is the first speaker of the 16th season Presidential Lecture and Performance Series. 

Grammy-award winning artists, composers, dance companies who toured the country and many more forms of entertainment will be on display at the Allen Theater stage for the Presidential Lecture and Performance Series. 

Kicking off the start of the series at the Allen Theater on Oct. 14 at 7:00 p.m. is Fran Lebowitz, an author with an Emmy-nominated Netflix show. 

The Presidential Lecture and Performance Series enters its 16th season, showcasing different artists and guest speakers.

Dori Bosnyak, League Administrator to the Presidential Lecture and Performance Series, said events within the series vary, ranging from guest speakers to artists and performers. 

The series also highlights local talent by creating a show specifically for Lubbock talent. 

“We present shows, by shows I mean, a couple of different things, concerts, theater, dance, and speakers,” Bosnyak said. “Our April show is always a local show, every year we book folks who are from here and we celebrate what it means to be a musician and a songwriter from the Lubbock area.”

The series strives to book artists outside of classical and country to diversify genres attendees experience. 

“With the rest, we just do music and all sorts of genres, between jazz and blues and funk console. Anything really but classical and country because there's plenty of that already happening in town,” Bosnyak said. 

Lebowitz is participating in a 90 minute event. One segment includes a 30 minute portion where she is interviewed by James Eppler, managing editor and anchor of Good Day Lubbock, and the remaining time is reserved for a Q&A with the audience. 

“I know the name might not be familiar to students and our generation,” Bosnyak said. “She has a Netflix show called Pretend It’s a City that received an Emmy nomination. She’s a sardonic, very cynical person who has a lot of opinions about anything and everything. The show is really a really good way to get a little flavor of who she is.” 

Lebowitz has written Metropolitan Life, made a cameo as the judge in Wolf of Wallstreet and worked with director Martin Scorsese for Pretend It’s a City

Aside from providing audiences with entertainment, speakers and artists participate in outreach classes exclusive to respective majors of the genres and topics presented. 

“We do an outreach class, say there's a jazz group coming in, we're going to take them to the School of Music,” Bosnyak said. “I went through the theater and dance program here at Tech and saw firsthand how if a dance group came in, they ended up auditioning dance students here on campus so they had the opportunity to work with these professionals that otherwise they would not get to meet. So, we really bring in these artists and hopefully, if they're related to your studies, you get to learn from them.” 

Each event is not only enriching, but accessible for Tech students interested in attending, Bosnayk said. 

“There's so many activities of so many different engagements, there's so many things you can do on your own or with your friends,” Bosnyak said. “So, this is just another great way to enrich your Texas Tech experience while you're here. If you’re on campus, you’re already here. Maybe you live in the dorms, it is easy, it is convenient, it's accessible, and hopefully, it adds on to your experience while you're at Tech and the other sides of it.”

Students can attend each event for free after reserving their ticket at the Student Union Building’s east information desk. At the event, students must present their Tech ID. General admission tickets are $20 online on the Presidential Series’ website. 

Attendees are free to park in the R03 Library lot, R11 Band lot, R07 Administration Building lot and R13 Visitor lot for the event. 

For more information about performances and events occurring during the season, visit @ttupresidentialseries on Instagram or @TTU_PLPS on Twitter. 

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