Groundbreaking begins

Guest members of the groundbreaking ceremony “break ground” of the new installations of a Tribute Walk and a Wall of Honor to the Memorial Circle Nov. 11, 2022.

A groundbreaking ceremony took place at Memorial Circle on Veterans’ Day to announce the addition of a tribute called Military Wall of Honor and the Military & Veterans Tribute Walk to give recognition to all service members. The tribute highlighted 10 veterans who have either lost their lives in battle or distinguished themselves on the battlefield.

“It is most appropriate that here on Veterans’ Day, we would gather at this memorial circle,” President Lawrence Schovanec said. “It was dedicated in 1948 by the Texas Tech War Veterans Association for the purpose they stated to recognize all whose service has brought honor to our college and our country. It is the focal point of this campus. And it is the proper place to honor generations of Texas Tech military and veterans who have so selflessly served our country.”

The tribute was organized by the Texas Tech Alumni Association, the Tech Military & Veterans Alumni Network and the university, according to the Tech Alumni Association website. 

The memorial is polysemous. Tech alumni and army senior military lawyer, General Walt Huffman, said the tribute honors all veterans who have signed a blank check giving their life to fellow citizens and to protect the freedoms of America.

For third year apparel design and manufacturing major, Jolea Jacob of Cypress, the memorial honors her family.

“Being here means a lot more than I thought it would,” Jacob said. “My dad is retired Army, and my brother is retired Air Force. Although they didn’t go to Tech, having this dedication to all that have served for Texas Tech, but also just served in the armed forces means a lot more than one would really think. The act of them (military) giving their life, or even being there and sacrificing themselves to protect the rest of the people in the nation, that is such a courageous act. There is no other word to describe it.”

The wall of honor will be placed inside Pfluger fountain, and the walk of fame will surround the outside. Tech alumni and veteran, Jim Pfluger said the memorial is an honor for veterans.

“I think it’s really great,” Pfluger said. “This is a very appropriate place for it to be.”

Tech strives to honor those that have served as it is the first Purple Heart university in the state of Texas.

“President Reagan said that a lot of folks spend their entire lives wondering if their lives made a difference. And veterans don’t have that problem,” Chancellor of Texas Tech Tedd Mitchell said. “Today marks one more way that we can honor the members of our system family who have served their country and, in some cases, made the ultimate sacrifice.”

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