On Feb. 10, Texas Tech will celebrate its 100th birthday in style with several activities and memorabilia for students and more to enjoy.  

Starting at 11 a.m., the first 1,000 students in the Student Union Ballroom will receive a 100th Anniversary Silver Mint Coin. Each coin is numbered and also come with its own certificate of authenticity. 

“This will be a keepsake that these students can keep forever, you know, try to remember that they were a student on Texas Tech’s 100th birthday,” Blayne Beal, the director of Centennial Coordination said,“Our goal is to try to get as many students some centennial swag on our birthday as we can.” 

There also will be a DJ, cake and other festivities to celebrate Tech’s birthday until 2 p.m. This is] a fun little break for students during the middle of the class day, Beal said.

Despite being involved in centennial celebrations across the state of Texas, Student Government Association President Austin Phillips said he was most excited for the Founders’ Day celebration. 

“I think the one here on campus is a really cool opportunity because it allows our students to celebrate with and allows the community members to come out and celebrate the University on its actual birthday,” Phillips said. 

“I think that that’s the one that I’m really looking forward to and really excited to be a part of.”

Starting at 7 p.m., a 3D projection will be displayed on the Administration building with a six-minute-long video repeating every 10 minutes. 

“The story will tell a Texas Tech story about our history and in through, you know, not only through academics but also through athletics and through our pride and pageantry of our spirit programs,” Beal said. “It’s gonna be really fun, and we certainly encourage all of our students to, find a time either Friday night, Saturday or Sunday night to come out and enjoy.”

New Regalia for ‘23


Another surprise for the centennial celebration is specific to the class of 2023. Debunking the rumors of an all-red cap and gown, Amiee Dixon, the commencement coordinator, said the upcoming undergraduate graduating class will receive their diplomas donning a new look. 

The undergraduate cap and gown still will be fully black, but the inside of the gown will be red. The stole will have the 100-logo seen across campus in statues and other memorabilia. For both bachelor’s and master’s caps, there will be a 100 on the tassel to accessorize the new look. 

“We wanted our graduates of 2023 to feel special as well,” Dixon said. “If you go online [TTU Commencement website], they’re already on sale. You can also buy from the campus bookstore, but I would just recommend that you call before to make sure that they have everything in stock.” 

After 100 years, students will be a part of a momentous milestone and continue to carry the Red Raider legacy even after they leave the university. 

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