The first week of October at Texas Tech is dedicated to showcasing students with disabilities. From Wednesday through Friday, the Student Disability Services is hosting different events for all of the Texas Tech community to attend.

Academic Counselor with Texas Tech Student Disability Services Kimberly Rindlisbacher said the first major event will be on Wednesday, Oct. 5, there will be Deaf Bingo at Wall-Gates from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

Rindlisbacher said students that choose to attend this event can be hard of hearing or not. For those who are deaf, there will be interpreters to help them engage in the fun, Rindlisbacher said, and all attendees get the chance to win a prize.

The following day, Thursday, Oct. 6, there will be an accessibility scavenger hunt.

Rindlisbacher said this is where students are able to go around campus and locate ramps as well as the handicap buttons.  When students locate one, you take a selfie and post it to any social media platform using the hashtag #ttu_sds, then can pick up a Bahama Bucks voucher from Student Disability Services.

The tradition continues Friday, Oct. 6, at the LHUCA Plaza, 511 Ave. K, where students with disabilities will be able to showcase their artistic abilities in the art gallery, along with food trucks and live music.

Rindlisbacher said students display their creations such as poems, hand draw art, pottery, photography, and even some videos. 

For more information about these upcoming events, visit

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