Attendees hold guns up during Matador Song

Guests hold Guns Up during the singing of the Matador Song by Texas Tech University Matador Singers at Techsan Memorial Oct. 20, 2022.

Members of the Texas Tech student body, faculty and staff joined the friends and family of Red Raiders lost this past year during the annual TECHsan Memorial. As loved ones gathered in Memorial Circle, the Carillon bells rang to begin the ceremony.

Tech President Lawrence Schovanec gave the opening remarks following the elegy by the bells.

“The TECHsan memorial is one of the most beautiful traditions we hold annually,” Schovanec said. “We are thankful to share in this time of remembrance to honor our Texas Tech family.”

Following a moment of silence, the Matador singers performed “Will There Really be a Morning” to usher in the reading of names. The reading of deceased students was recounted by Student Body President Austin Phillips.

“It is an honor to stand up here and reflect on such a wonderful group of people,” Phillips said. “They were sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and most of all Red Raiders.”

This was followed by Faculty Senate President Courtney Gibson reading the names of the faculty lost this year and Staff Senate President-Elect Jana Cambell reading for the staff. Lastly, Curt Langford, Tech Alumni Association President and CEO acknowledged the alumni who died.

“We pay tribute to the families and loved ones, all standing here on common grounds,” Langford said. “They walked these same sidewalks, entered these same buildings and were proud Red Raiders.”

“Our hearts will always be with you, as they will always be one of us,” Langford added, while addressing the families.

During the reciting of the names, balloons were released by family members as their loved ones' name were read aloud.

This was succeeded by the singing of “O Weep for Those,” performed by the Matador Singers, and closing remarks by President Schovanec.

“All Red Raiders make an impact when they are on campus and wherever they live,” Schovanec said.

Closing the ceremony were the twenty-three chimes of the Carillon bells characterizing Tech’s founding in nineteen twenty-three. All in Memorial Circle joined in raising their guns up as the Matador Singers sang the “Matador Song,” concluding the memorial.

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