A member of Saddle Tramps raising their Guns Up at the Texas Tech vs. Stephen F. Austin game on Sept. 11 at Jones AT&T Stadium.

As a member of The Saddle Tramps, Brandt Schneider said he starts his game preparation at 6 p.m. the Thursday before a football game day, where Saddle Tramps tend to their weekly traditions on home game days. 

“We start wrapping Will Rogers on Thursday night from 6 p.m. to about 1 a.m. and then once we’re done with that, we’re up early for classes, and we go throughout the rest of our day Friday,” Schneider said. 

The Saddle Tramps are busy all week during homecoming week, especially the last few hours leading up to kickoff, he said. 

He said for Homecoming week, the Saddle Tramps participate in events like S.O. Sing, the pep rally, the parade and the annual bonfire. 

“Saturday, we start building the bonfire at like 5 or 6 a.m.,” Schneider said. “We’re busy all day until the homecoming parade is done.”

The Saddle Tramps focus on making sure they are all ready to tackle the day as a group, Schneider said.

After their events, he said they prepare to attend the game by getting in the right mindset. He said it is important to keep high energy throughout the game. 

“We probably have to be there two and a half hours before the game starts,” Schneider said. “So our game day starts anywhere from three to four hours before the game day and then we’re at the stadium until an hour after the game ends.”

He said the organization is really excited for this football season and for Homecoming week in general.

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