Students stretch during yoga

Students stretch during the glow and flow yoga event hosted by RISE on Sept. 9, 2021. RISE hosted the event during suicide prevention week in order to promote wellness among students.

On Sept. 9 at 6:30pm, RISE, or Risk Intervention and Safety Education, and UREC, or University Recreation, teamed up to host Texas Tech’s very first SoundOff Glow and Flow Yoga event, in honor of suicide prevention week. This week is being held to show Tech students that the campus values mental health and suicide prevention, according to the RISE newsletter. 

Suicide prevention week has consisted of events such as Coffee and Consent, a Mental Health Resource Fair, an Inflatable Jousting event and more as a way to gather the community together to show support for one another as well as distribute the available resources provided by the school.

The SoundOff Glow and Flow Yoga event featured group yoga, glow in the dark paint, glow sticks, headphones, and an overall sense of community. Participants were also allowed to grab free t-shirts, buttons, and information on available resources provided by RISE, while at this event.

Sydney Dotson, a third-year musical theatre major from Arlington said, “This event is really cool. It’s basically like a silent disco-rave, in a way. But it’s with yoga.” “It’s a good immersive experience. All you hear is the instructor and the music. So, you can kind of delve into your own world, and not have to deal with outside distractions.” 

Dotson said that this is the first time that Tech has done anything like this before, but she is hopeful that they may host this event more often. At least once every year. 

Tech’s university recreation center also teamed up with RISE for this event, so that they may bring more attention to the event itself, and awareness to suicide prevention week, as a whole, said Dotson.

Students that work with RISE at Tech were readily available at a booth with information and resources as yoga participants began entering the yoga room.

“RISE is the university risk intervention and safety education office on campus. So, we’re kind of like the one stop shop if a student needs help. They can come to us, and we can give them tons of resources,” said Kaitlyn Mullan, a fourth-year graphic design major from Justin, Texas.

Dotson said that she felt Tech, as a whole, was doing well in their involvement with suicide prevention week. She said that the topic, overall, is an important topic that must be brought awareness to and is glad that she can be a part of it.

Communities were coming together in support of this week, as Dotson said that she had even seen fraternities and sororities showing their support as well. This is a big thing for many people, said Dotson, therefore, she thinks it’s nice that people are coming together for it.

“So, I have a lot of duties. But one of them is helping run events like this one. So, that’s why we’re at glow yoga right now, which is really fun,” said Dotson. “I’m glad that (RISE and UREC) can collaborate on this (yoga event) so more people are aware that this is the week that we’re bringing awareness to (suicide prevention).”

Alyssa Krafsur, a graduate student majoring in biology from El Paso, Texas, said that she heard about the event through TechConnect and was informed it was a part of suicide prevention week.

Krafsur said that she has history with a family member regarding suicide, therefore, she wanted to participate in UREC and RISE’s events.

“I was interested in this (yoga) event, because, you know, I think it’s great to have a fun way to bring attention to this type of issue,” said Krafsur.

Some students, such as Joao Cardoso, a third-year graduate students majoring in electrical engineering from Brazil, simply stumbled upon the event and decided to check it out, as well.

Cardoso said that he was already at the recreation center and noticed an event taking place. Therefore, he decided it was worth checking out, as he’s never tried yoga before. 

“I was passing by here and I was like ‘yeah, let’s see it’, ‘let’s try it’,” said Cardoso. “My friends, they told me that they’ve tried (yoga) before and they felt better.” 

Mullan said that RISE will be having many more events regarding suicide prevention week coming up, and to keep a lookout for them as everyone is welcome.

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