Organization president talking to students

Transfer Student organization president, Hayley Grove talking to students at the start of the event in the Student Union Building Aug. 30, 2022.

Transfer Techsans hosted a kick-off event in the Student Union Building, Tuesday, August 30th for transfer students to introduce them to campus life and resources available. 

Hayley Grove, a third-year business management major from Riverside, California and the president of Transfer Techsans, said she transferred to Tech to follow in the footsteps of a close family friend that graduated from Tech.

Grove said once she joined Transfer Techsans, she was offered the secretary position and was offered the president position by the end of the semester. 

“When I went to my community college, I really wasn’t involved,” Grove said. “I wanted to get involved and put my foot in the door at different places. So, when I got to campus here, I saw there was an organization for transfer students. I was like 'oh cool, let me get involved in that'.”

Grove said Transfer Techsans is a student organization with four different pillars, a social pillar for social events, an intramural sports pillar where they participate in coed sports, a professional development pillar and volunteer pillar that organizes three events per month. 

“For volunteering, we’ve gone out to look at Beloved Community. We’ve helped out with Caleb’s Closet,” Grove said. “We have another coming up where we’re helping out in a soup kitchen. We are also doing a tailgate this Saturday for people to come check out and see if they want to join our organization.”

Allison White, fourth-year creative media industries major from Fort Worth, said she transferred from Tarleton State University in Stephenville to Tech because of her sister.

White said it was time to move on from Tarleton, and she needed to transfer.

“She (sister) used to go here and she called me one day randomly and said to transfer to Tech,” White said. “I would say that life is the reason that I transferred. Also, Tech has a great communications program.”

Morgan Green, a third-year general studies major from Corpus Christi, said she transferred to Tech from Corpus Christi A&M for a change.

Green said her friend was moving to Tech and asked to be her roommate.

“She had a whole setup going, and I was like this school seems great,” Green said. “It has really good programs. I think it’ll be perfect.” 

Green said she has loved the variety of people and being able to fit into groups that coincide with majors or programs she is involved in. 

“I went from biomedical to being able to do biology to chemistry and organizational leadership,” Green said. “All these different things that can actually fit into a broader category so I can go in different directions.

Joseph Christiansen, third-year information systems major from Ridgecrest, California, said he transferred to Tech from Utah State in Logan, Utah and previously attended Cal State Fullerton in California to be closer to his family, who live in Dallas.

Christiansen said the academics and student life at his previous school weren’t the best, which made him decide to leave. 

“My advisor there never talked to me. I was kind of on my own,” Christiansen said. “At least here (Tech), the advisors talked to me on the first day. It’s more involved education wise.”


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