Megan Hunt tells her message

Megan Hunt, a Junior majoring in advertising tells her message to the world on Sept. 5, 2022

With 40,666 students enrolled at the beginning of the 2021 admissions season, it can be difficult to pinpoint students who attend Texas Tech. 

Meghan Hunt is a third year advertising student from Midland. Additionally, she is full-time Front of The House manager of Torchy’s Tacos and works the football games as a public relations representative for Torchy’s.

Hunt said a typical day can look like getting up, working out and then working a twelve hour shift at the restaurant, or can also include working out, heading to class, and then completing all of her work. For Hunt, this work is necessary to accomplish a lifelong career in an advertising firm. 

“I feel like I have mastered time management at this point,” Hunt said. “Trying to balance my school work at work, never happens. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are strictly my dedicated school days, so I dont go into work on my school days just because it will ruin my focus on what I learned in class.”

Meghan moved out of her house at the age of 18. From there, Hunt completed her basics at Midland college, then went on to receive her associates at South Plains college. Hunt, at the age of 27, has returned to school and is now completing her first semester at Tech with aspirations of receiving a bachelors in advertising. 

“I knew I wanted to do something for the world, I just didn't know what,” Hunt said. “It started off difficult. I paid for all of my schooling, so I was working four jobs when I was 18, and it was very difficult. I waitressed, I was a bartender, I worked in the oil field for a while and I worked at a hotel all at the same time. I would wake up around 4:30 a.m. and I wouldn’t get home until maybe six o’ clock, and I’d have to be at my night job by eight, and I wouldn’t close until two the next morning.”

While Hunt said her motivation comes from coffee, members of her support system such as her boyfriend, Jesus Cazares, say it is just who she is: motivated. 

“She is very motivated and she has a positive outlook,” Cazares said. “I think those are two things that I admire about her, and I think those are two things that are going to make her successful.”

Hunt said after receiving her associates, it was her manager at Torchy’s that encouraged her to go back to school. Moreover, those that work with Hunt such as friend and co-worker, Thai Scott, said Hunt is very passionate, and knows what she wants. 

“Meghan is very professional,” Scott said. “We actually met at Torchy’s, and our friendship has just grown since. She’s a very down to earth person. I actually look up to her, if I’m being quite honest. She is just a great person.”

Furthermore, Hunt’s mother, Maura Jarldane said despite the adversities in Meghan’s life, she is proud that Meghan has gone back to school, and her tribulations have not discouraged her. 

“You can still be successful in your late twenties,” Hunt said. “Everyone has an idea that you’re supposed to have the best twenties of your life, and be done with college by lets say 25. No, that’s not always the case for some people. You can still have a great career starting even in your twenties or thirties.”

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