Fake body parts on table

Fake body limbs and bloody chains hover over mutilated body parts thrown on table accompanied by fake blood smeared messages at Screams of Horror, Oct. 21, 2022.

A scream travels through the narrow hallway and fills the vacant room dimly lit by smears of cherry red blood. Although the blood is fake, the screams are the aftermath of being spooked by an actor at Screams of Horror.  

A horror attraction located at 4212 N Frankford; Screams of Horror opens the last weekend of Sept. through the end of Oct. This is the haunted house’s first year of business with intentions of staying open year-round. Opening at 7:30 p.m. and closing at 12 a.m., the entrance fee is $20 per person.  

“I’ve always loved Halloween,” owner Felina Burge said. “My yard has always been done crazy, so every year I go to all of the haunted houses. I even go out of town to some, so I finally just wanted to open up one and scare people. 

Driven by her love for Halloween, Felina Burge said previous haunted houses she has been to inspired her vision for Screams of Horror.  

“We’re just a little bit different,” Felina Burge said. “Almost every room has a live actor, not just animatronics. A lot of people just go and hit all of the haunted houses all night long, with their friends, so we just wanted to be a part of that. 

From the beginning, brother and actor Falton Burge said the experience has been pretty awesome 

“It's a different experience,” Falton Burge said. “It took a lot of work that’s for sure, but the outcome will be overbearing and we’ll just have a bunch of people.” 

To be all inclusive, the haunted house will also pursue a kid-friendly night for $10 per child 

“A lot of moms were like, ‘What about our little-bitty kids? They are too scared to do the haunted house,Felina Burge said. “Just for Halloween, we are going to start once a month having a child night. So, we will give out candy to the kids and cover up the scary stuff just to give the kids something to go through. The actors will be dressed in fun things, like a princess or something like that. 

Screams of Horror will continue to make modifications in response to the reaction of the participants.  

I’ve just taken a little bit in of all the haunted houses I've gone through over the years and all of the different states, Felina Burge said. “There’s some things that we’ve already changed since we’ve been open, but we try to get feedback from everyone that comes through. We change things as we go along just to make things a little more scary for people” 


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