Free coffee coupons are handed out during Coffee and Consent

Aidan Singh an electrical engineering major and Peer Educator for RISE from Lubbock hands out coupons to students that tell them what consent means to them for a free cup of coffee at Starbucks in the honors hall during Coffee and Consent event for suicide prevention week Sep. 6, 2022.

Students at Texas Tech expressed their gratitude for the Risk Intervention and Safety Education program on campus in regard to its efforts made for mental health awareness and suicide prevention week. 

Haley Wallace, the program manager of RISE, works to create innovative media strategies and design work in order to make students aware of the resources provided. Wallace said RISE reaches students through events, tabling, social media, and promotions.

“RISE is the main hub on campus for month-long campaigns such as suicide prevention week,” Wallace said. “We get a lot of students to come in and talk about their mental health and wanting support and resources. We are kinda like the safe space for students to come to get support.” 

When asked why she was so passionate about RISE and what they do for students at Texas Tech, she explained her own testimony that led her to where she is today.

“I used RISE as a resource when I was a student. I experienced an incident of assault at Tech and so I went through RISE to get the appropriate resources and then from there I had my case handled extremely well,” Wallace said.

Tech students Rayan Mingo, Sara Mousavi, and Hala Khalaf described their perspectives on mental health awareness and the efforts made by RISE.

Rayan Mingo stated how she has struggled with postpartum depression and felt as if no one else understood. Mingo said that RISE was a safe place for her to get the resources she needed.

“It made a big difference to me just hearing RISE talk about mental awareness and see how RISE is offering support for this kind of issue,” Mingo said. “It’s refreshing.”

Sara Mousavi explained how their current generation has a better grasp on what mental health is in contrast to older generations. Mousavi further mentioned that RISE is there to help where help is needed.

“Everyone struggles with it but it’s not easy to talk about,” Mousavi said.

Hala Khalaf describes how much of a positive impact RISE has made on students just like her. 

“Rise offers a great support group and a community for students to be aware of how to help other students who are struggling with mental health,” Khalaf said.

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