Student sections raising energy level

Raider Riot in the student section get rowdy for the Red Raiders moments before the game against Northwestern State begins at United Supermarkets Arena Nov. 7, 2022.

As basketball season gets underway, a riot of Red Raider fans are already on the Texas Tech campus. If a student is in the student section, they are familiar with Raider Riot. 

Raider Riot is the student section for the men’s basketball program. Within Raider Riot, an executive board and senate represent all students. 

“Basically coming up with theme nights and making sure that the students are not violating any protocols or anything like that that the USA holds the students to follow. So like throwing things on the court and making sure that they’re not bringing liquor in,” Kylie Haseloff, president of Raider Riot, said. “We’re also in charge of the communication between the basketball program, (head coach) Mark Adams and everything like that and the students.” 

Haseloff, a fourth-year agricultural communication student from Farwell, said she believes Raider Riot started around five years ago, with a group of five guys. At the time, head coach Chris Beard supported them in making it into something bigger. 

In the last five years, Raider Riot’s numbers have grown to 25 titled members along with every student in the student section. 

Haseloff said they have many things planned for these students this semester. 

“We are gearing up with campus-live to do watch parties again this year, and it’s going to be even better than last year. I’m not allowed to talk about the information just yet or like the specific details of that yet,” Haseloff said, “but other than that we have, you know, the famous whiteboard coming back. … We’re really digging into the research of the opposing teams this year to try to get some beef on the other teams that are, you know, obviously like not violating any like, standards I guess that Athletics has set for us … 

We’re ready to see everyone and we’re ready to get the season started.”

Last season during the home game against the University of Texas, people camped out for three days in hopes to get a good seat. Raider Riot helped regulate the wristband admission program implemented by the university. 

Priority ticketing for the UT game will be done differently this season, Haseloff said. Hopefully, it will be done more efficiently. 

“It’s going to be, hopefully, a lot smoother so that’ll be something to look forward to,” Haseloff said. “And then just the games really, like, the Texas game is gonna be a blast. All the games we’re going to try to make them like a memorable experience.” 

Above all else, Haseloff said her favorite memory of being part of Raider Riot is the relationships she has built with the people involved with Raider Riot. 

“I mean, some of my best friends came from Raider Riot. I don’t think I would have ever met these people if I wouldn’t have joined the organization. Now I think that they’ll be, you know, like bridesmaids or like best friends for life,” Haseloff said. “I mean, they always say join a sorority you’ll find your right place for life. So I’m, like, join Raider Riot, you’ll find your best friends for life. Because that’s what I’ve experienced and been able to see firsthand.”

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