A combination of thrill and culture for a greater cause; Raider Power of Paranormal Club hosted their second annual haunted tour over Halloween weekend to fundraise for both the club and Military and Veterans Program (MVP) at Texas Tech.

The tour circles campus with various stops along the way sharing the haunted history of the campus; some stories are based off legends while others include factual events from Tech’s past.  

The MVP formerly had a director by the name of Sierra, and she was keenly interested in community engagement,” advisor of Raider Power of Paranormal, Garret Langlois, said. “We said, ‘great, let’s try that’ you know we have the tour, and we can sell tickets as a fundraiser for the club. Veterans can be here, and they can be selling concessions, and they can get some of that take. It works for everyone because we kind of create the event and they (MVPs) add some of the creature comforts, and it’s a win for everybody.” 

Prior to the event, there is a weeklong practice where roles are assigned for the tour. Second-year mathematics student, Carmen Alatorre, from Cibolo, said the practice is usually two to three hours.  

“They were very accommodating trying to figure out who fits what,” Alatorre said. “All the nitty-gritty kind of happened Tuesday and Wednesday. Then, Thursday things kind of smoothed out and it was just kind of knit-picking at that point. The Raider Power of Paranormal officers all came together to find stories and accounts. Some of these legends are very common, and other ones are true accounts. 

Second-year natural resource management graduate student, Brice Martin from Troopsaid the tour was a fun opportunity.  

“I feel like it was a good experience,” Martin said. “It was interesting seeing them (characters in the story) being graduate students because you can see how they relate to graduate students today, like people struggling then just like people are struggling now. 

The club invites all the Lubbock community to participate in the tour.  

“The experience was wonderful,” Tech alumni and assistant director of MVP, Jeremy Sedeno, said. “To begin with the ambiance of the night, a little breezy, a little chilly and dark out here really set the mood for it. To hear the folklore and the little stories behind all the stops on the tour was really interesting and ‘tis the season for Halloween. 

President of Raider Power of Paranormal and third-year theatre major, Tali Russel from San Antonio, said she hopes everyone has a fun time when they come to the tour.  

“I think there is something really special about learning this kind of history and culture, because that’s what it is," Russel said. "It’s lesser-known parts of Texas Techs history and a little bit of the student culture because a lot of these stories, even though they’re not proven and true, they are truly said between students and whispered in dorms, and that’s a part of campus culture nut everyone knows about. 

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