Latin traditional dancing

The Latin Dance Club performs twice in the showcase at the Worldwide Showcase in the Allen Theater on April 23, 2022. In addition, the club offers free dance lesson to anyone who is interested in learning.

The Latin Dance Club at Texas Tech creates a social group for students to learn traditional dances from Latin America at the recreational center every Monday and Wednesday.

President Dioser Santos of The Latin Dance Club said he reinstated the organization not only because he missed dancing, but also because he wanted students to have a way to learn social dances.The third-year mechanical engineering grad student from Santa Maria, Brazil, said this organization’s purpose is to provide dance lessons at no cost.

One of the current dance teachers is a friend of Santis from Brazil where he was a professional dance instructor. The members have the opportunity to request various styles of dances to be taught and as long as the teachers can teach them, they will.

“Sometimes the members will also take turns at teaching,” Santos said. “We kind of exchange some knowledge.”

“I just really missed the casual setting of dancing for fun,” Santos added. “We learn what you would need to know to have fun in a party setting.”

Santos said they will dance and provide a short lesson during the Culture Fest at the Office of International Affairs, Oct. 15, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

To become a member of the Latin Dance Club, Santos said anybody can join through TechConnect or find their Instagram @LatinDanceClub. All students who are members will receive emails with reminders about upcoming lessons or social events.

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