How homeowners near Greek Circle feel about students

With parties and events held in Greek Circle, the neighborhoods surrounding the circle continue their lives even with parties and students running the area during late night hours. Homeowners near Greek Circle share their positive and negatives experiences of living close to Greek life throughout the school year. 

Homeowner, Cody Allen, said he resolved problems with houses in the Greek life circle, specifically, the crowdedness of the neighborhood during events.

“I had fixed a bunch of that (noise). There were three houses on the block two or three years ago, and I worked at it pretty heavily to get it handled. I talked to the kids first, but had to talk to the police and code enforcement after the kids did not respond,” Allen said. “When two or three blocks long are full of cars, it's kind of disturbing.”

However, Allen said this year has been quiet in the neighborhood so far during early Greek life events like rush and back-to-school parties.

Not every homeowner or resident that lives near Greek Circle has expressed a bad experience with Greek life. Steve Maddox, a member of the Carillon retirement neighborhood, said his experience with living near Greek Circle has been nothing but pleasant.

“Nothing they’ve done has ever really bothered me,” Maddox said. “I think the whole system over here, whatever it is, does a really nice job.”

Maddox said his only problem with Greek life is the crowd of cars that comes in during events, but it isn’t enough to bother him.

“Well it gets more crowded with the people parking, but you know, so far, it's not a problem,” Maddox said.

Even Texas Tech students live in these neighborhoods by Greek Circle. Keleigh Schmidt, a senior Human Science major from Round Rock, said the neighborhood they live in is really safe and very convenient for when they want to go to events in Greek Circle.

“It's actually really convenient because that's most of our friends, so we can always just walk over there if we want to go to anything over there,” Schmidt said. “It's a really safe neighborhood.”

Schmidt said the noise levels during big events can be heard from their home, but most of the noise and people pollution stays across the street in the circle.

“Big events like Low Hoop obviously were really loud but other than that, it's not that bad,” Schmidt said. “They kind of keep to themselves over there.”

Another homeowner, Kairah Reid, a senior Human Development and Family Sciences major from Amarillo, said the neighborhood is safer than anywhere else she has lived since attending Tech.

"We just moved in here two weeks ago, but it's been nice, we feel a lot safer than when we lived in the cottages,” Reid said.

Reid said the noise is minimum and living near the circle is comfortable and clean.

“We can hear Pike parties but it’s not bad.” Reid said. “Nothing's been littered or anything on our property. Actually it’s very comfortable living right across the street.”

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