Breaking ground on the Womble Practice Facility

Five months after construction was started on the Dustin R. Womble Basketball Center, the foundation is poured and the structure is starting to be built.

As the facility is being built, parking will continue being scarce in Commuter West  and students will have to find other places to park. Texas Tech Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt said the parking situation is a good problem because the school is getting such a valuable facility. After the Womble is constructed, there will be more parking spaces for students to park in for basketball games and for everyday parking.

“What a great issue we are having to deal with, you know, this was not the case three years ago,” Hocutt said. “This is a short term inconvenience that we are going to have to manage, but in the long run we are looking to add a few parking spaces to our parking opportunities around the arena.”

Stacy Stockard, media relations coordinator at Tech Transportation and Parking Services, said there will be some added traffic as construction continues   

“So, those are things we just take them as they come; we make adjustments as needed,” Stockard said. “Our department stays in contact with all those responsible parties to make sure that we can keep the impact as minimal as possible to our students, employees and visitors.”

The Womble construction will have some impact on parking in the coming school year, Stockard said. Over the summer, Transportation and Parking Services is planning on expanding the C10 parking lot north of the Horticulture Gardens and Greenhouse Complex.

“We’re creating some new parking in there this summer to replace those spaces that were lost with the Womble Center construction,” Stockard said. “Those are scheduled to be ready for fall 2019.”

Three months after Tech Athletics broke ground on the facility, Gov. Greg Abbott appointed Womble to the Tech System Board of Regents. He was appointed as a regents because of his contributions to Tech.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, Hocutt said the Womble will be finished in about 16-18 months. Everyone in the athletics department is hoping to have it up and running in a year.

“This will be approximately a 16 to 18 month project so there’s actually a sub subject work and it’s already under way so we are hoping early 2020 to be in this facility,” Hocutt said.

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