Corky Classic

Junior distance runner Claudrice McKoy runs toward the finish line during the Corky Classic track meet in the Sports Performance Center at 4:55 p.m. on Jan. 17, 2020. McKoy was the first Texas Tech athlete to compete, and placed fourth overall in the women's 1000-meter race with a time of two minutes and 59.3 seconds.

The Texas Tech Track and Field team kicked off its 2020 season with the Corky Classic on Friday, Jan 17, the first night of the two day meet. 
Tech started the Corky Classic with the Women’s 1000-meter run. Claudrice McKoy and Kyra Young both ran in the 1000-meter race and placed in the overall top 10. This was McKoy's first indoor track meet at Tech, according to Texas Tech Track and Field.  
Placing fourth overall and fourth in her heat, McKoy carried a steady pace to end with a time of 2:59. Kyra Young placed tenth overall and second in her heat with a time of 3:04.  
Taking the lead for the Men’s 1000-meter by .02 seconds was freshman, Alfred Chawonza, who placed first overall. He was the only Tech athlete to place first overall in the first day of the Corky Classic. Chawonza ran the 1000-meter in 2:31.29.  
“It’s the first time he’s ever run a race for Texas Tech, and I felt he competed really well,” director of Track & Field and Cross Country Wes Kittley said.  
After coming back from an injury, Grant LaSelle ran a 2:32.72 in the 1000-meter and placed first for his heat. Overall LaSelle placed fifth with .43 seconds separating Chawonza and LaSelle. 
In the Woman’s 600-yard race sophomore and All-Big 12 runner, Lexya Price, placed second with a time of 1:23.88. Senior and All-Big 12 runner, Damajahnee Birch was right behind Price, as she finished in fourth with a time of 1:24.90. Sophomore runner Susanne Sides placed fifth with a time of 1:26.63.  
“They had a few missteps. Kinda the first meet jitters and getting it out of the way, so I think they learned a lot,” Kittley said.  
As for the Men’s 600-yard, senior runner Chancellor Stephenson set his personal best during this race with a time of 1:11.00. Sophomore runner Sven Cepus also competed in the event and placed third with a time of 1:10.78. Sophomore runner Reece Skinner ran in heat 3 of the 600-yard race and placed fourth with a time of 1:15.15. 
The full team will be in action at noon on Saturday, Jan, 18. Returning Big 12 and All-American runners will run in Saturdays meet.  
“I’m really anxious tomorrow to see people that are new, to see how they are going to do along with our veterans,” Kittley said.  

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