The No. 22 Texas Tech soccer team defeated North Texas 4-0 in their 12th matchup since 1994 on Sunday.

For the first time in her collegiate career, freshman midfielder Penelope Mulenga was named a starter for the Red Raiders’ non-conference game.

At the beginning of the first half, Tech is awarded a free kick in the fifth minute but did not record a goal off of the kick. With a back-and-forth battle for possession, both Tech and North Texas used an aggressive tactic to try and be the first to score a goal.

In the 17th minute of the game, junior goalkeeper Marissa Zucchetto successfully caught a shot on goal from North Texas to keep the score at 0-0. Zucchetto then stopped another as she caught a high-flying ball during the 24th minute.

After 31 minutes of play, junior forward Kirsten Davis attempted a shot but her kick was too high and missed the goal with the first chance in scoring, keeping the score 0-0.

Senior defender Margaret Begley then entered the match with 10 minutes left in the first half, marking her first minutes of playing time at home this season, according to Tech Athletics.

The first half ended with aggressive plays and tactics between both teams but neither teams scored. Tech went into the second half 0-0.

“It took us 45 minutes for us to take a deep breath and we went into halftime and reviewed our game plan,” senior midfielder Jayne Lydiatt said. “We have a lot of gritty players we needed to bring it today. Different games call for different types of soccer and today we needed to bring extra grittiness, extra physicalness because that’s their game.”

Nine minutes into the second half, freshman forward Macy Schultz scored the first goal of the night as she recorded her first career goal as a Red Raider, giving Tech a 1-0 lead with 36 minutes left in the game.

Tech attempted two shots with 30 minutes left in the game but both are unsuccessful and caught by the North Texas goalie.

With 18 minutes left in the game, senior forward Demi Koulizakis possessed the ball but passed it to sophomore forward Charlotte Teeter leading to her first goal of the night, giving Tech a 2-0 lead.

“Offensively we went in hard straight from the changing room,” Koulizakis said. “We spoke about how we had to come out strong and physical just as they would. We outran and outplayed them.”

Senior forward Jade King followed with another goal for the Red Raiders to put Tech up, 3-0, with 14 minutes left in the match.

With two minutes left in the match, freshman Marisa Weichel scored her first goal of the night, growing the Red Raiders’ lead 4-0.

As the clock ran out, Tech secured its shutout win, 4-0, defeating North Texas for the Red Raiders second straight win at home.

“We were more committed in the box. More committed than we have been all season,” head coach Tom Stone said. “This team came out and played differently than they have all year. In the second half we felt like we were in control of the game.”

Tech will honor its seniors with a senior night at the John Walker Soccer Complex at 7 p.m. on Friday as the Red Raiders take on Abilene Christian.

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