The Big 12 has released its men’s basketball conference schedule on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

The Red Raiders first will host Oklahoma State on Jan. 1 to begin conference play, and will move on to play Iowa State on the road on Jan. 5.

Tech will return home to face Kansas on Jan. 8 and will then go on a road trip to face Baylor on Jan. 11 and Kansas State on Jan. 15.

In the following two games, the Untied Supermarkets Arena will host the Red Raiders. First, they will go against Iowa State on Jan. 18, followed by a match against West Virginia on Jan. 22. The team will then take a trip up north to face Kansas on Jan. 24.

On Feb. 1, Tech will host Texas. Former Tech men’s basketball head coach Chris Beard departed from the team last season and moved on to become the Texas men’s basketball head coach. This will be Beard’s first time returning to Tech since then.

Tech will then take another road trip, making the first stop to take on West Virginia on Feb. 5, and then making their way down to Oklahoma on Feb. 9.

The Red Raiders will move forward to host both Texas Christian on Feb. 12 and Baylor on Feb. 16, before taking a trip to Austin to face Texas on Feb. 19.

When returning home, Tech will host Oklahoma on Feb. 22. They will then go up against Texas Christian on Feb. 26 in Fort Worth.

Kansas State will travel to Lubbock for the Red Raiders' final game while at home in the regular season on Feb. 28. To close out the regular season, Tech will take on Oklahoma State on March 15.

The Phillips 66 Big 12 Championship will be held in Kansas City, and tournaments will last from March 9 through March 12.

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