The Texas Tech soccer team defeated Arkansas State 1-0 for their fourth straight victory and another shut out at home.

In the first half after 15 minutes of back and forth possession, senior midfielder Jayne Lydiatt attempted to score, but the ball went past the goal. The score still stood at 0-0.

20 minutes into the game junior forward Kirsten Davis scored after colliding with the goalie and the ball hitting her face in the process. Her goal allowed Tech to lead 1-0.

“I was trying to get a PK (penalty kick) hit because the goalie hit me in the face and I was like that’s a foul, but then Demi was like it went it and then that’s when I realized it was a goal,” Davis said.

After nine minutes of playing, junior midfielder Jordie Harr attempted to score but was unsuccessful in scoring.

With one minute left in the first half, the Red Raiders had a corner kick but it get caught by the Arkansas State goalie. Tech still led 1-0 going into the second half.

Going into the second half with 36 minutes left, senior defender Gabbie Puente attempted to score but the ball went over the net.

With sixteen minutes left, Harr attempted to score another goal, but the ball flew over the goal. Tech still led 1-0.

“As soon as the first goal went in I kinda knew that we finally had a chance to keep the ball,” sophomore defender Cassie Hiatt said. “When you have the lead you have the opportunity to swing the ball and just be calm and complete the game.

Tech players ran the clock by passing it to one another and successfully kept their opponent's offense from being able to score.

“(The defense) is more connected and more willing to defend the space behind them,” head coach Tom Stone said. “We’ve done a better job at reading the ball and that’s something we need to get better at each year.”

With two minutes left in the second half, junior goalkeeper Marissa Zuccheto caught an attempted goal from Arkansas State, keeping the score at 1-0.

With another home victory, Tech will participate in the Cougar Classic, playing Loyola Marymount at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 13 and playing UC Irvine at 12:30 p.m. on Sept. 15 at Washington State University. 

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