Texas Tech Soccer vs. Abilene Christian

Junior forward Kirsten Davis runs with the ball during the game against ACU at 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 6, 2019, at the John Walker Soccer Complex. The Red Raiders defeated the Wildcats, 3-0.




The Texas Tech soccer team has posted a 5-1 overall record this season as the Red Raiders use their non-conference games as preparation for the Big 12.

With four consecutive wins at home, Tech has gone three straight years undefeated at home against non-conference teams, according to Tech Athletics. 

With senior forward Jade King’s injury during the slate at home, head coach Tom Stone said the lineup is never set and that the competition is high between the players.  

“Friday’s game is better than the last game and Sunday’s game is better than the last and next week in Florida is the best team on our non-conference schedule, so we know the heat is getting turned up and we got to be ready for it,” Stone said. 

Tech has racked up the most shots out of all their Big 12 competitors and leads the conference with 132 shots and 18 goals as a team, according to Big 12. 

“Well, we just have to keep growing, Stone said. You know the Big 12 is about to be breathing down our neck and we have to keep getting better,” Stone said.  Each game we play the next team is better.”

Tech has posted a 5-1 record for the season and is tied with two other Big 12 teams, including Kansas and Texas Christian University, according to the Big 12. 

“I think when the teams know you as well as they do the scouting reports are pretty obvious,” Stone said. “So, we just want to be disciplined by that time, we want to be good box defenders and not need 10 shots to score one goal only need like five or six to score one goal. I think when you can get into that range, you’re ready for the Big 12.”

Sophomore forward Charlotte Teeter said she hopes the team continues to play the way it has been paying with a great defense and keep getting shut outs.

“We played a ton of different teams so I think we’ve been able to withstand all different types of pressure and that’s huge going into conference,” Teeter said. “Knowing we can play with different teams and defend our house no matter what team no matter what type of team.”

Sophomore defender, Cassie Hiatt was voted to the Preseason All-Big 12 team by the Big 12 coaches and with the honor, she has played 90 minutes with the defense and said the non-conference games are crucial for the teams’ development.

“Every team we have played is really good, but obviously some teams are less aggressive than others but it’s also to build our confidence going to Big 12,” Hiatt said. “By the time we hit season, we need to be flying we don’t have time to figure things out we need to figure things out now, that way we are confident going into Big 12.” 

Junior defender, Kirsten Davis recorded the most shots per game, leading the Big 12 with six shots per game, according to Big 12. 

“Kirsten Davis is obviously very naturally talented, but she works her butt off at practice every day after practice, before practice so I would just say that’s one of her biggest assets,” Teeter said. “She has talent but she works extremely hard she makes it look easy though I wish she could teach me a few things.”

The Red Raiders will play three more non-conference opponents before Tech takes on its first Big 12 opponent, Oklahoma State, at 7 p.m. on Sept. 26th at the John Walker Complex.

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