Texas Tech baseball defeats Rice, 19-12

Redshirt freshman infielder celebrates his run with teammate Jace Jung. Texas Tech will play game two of the series against Kansas State April 2.

Seven Red Raiders were drafted on July 12 during rounds 2-10 of the MLB Draft. Two more players were drafted on July 13 during rounds 11-20. 

Cal Conley:

Redshirt freshman Cal Conley was the 126th pick for the Atlanta Braves in the fourth round.

Dru Baker:

Sophomore Dru Baker was the 130th pick for the Tampa Bay Rays in the fourth round. 

Braxton Fulford:

Junior Braxton Fulford was the 170th pick for the Colorado Rockies in the sixth round.

Mason Montgomery:

Sophomore Mason Montgomery was the 191st pick for the Tampa Bay Rays in the sixth round.

Ryan Sublette:

Junior Ryan Sublette was the 222nd pick for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the seventh round.

Hunter Dobbins:

Sophomore Hunter Dobbins was the 226 pick for the Boston Red Sox in the eighth round.

Patrick Monteverde:

Redshirt senior Patrick Monteverde was the 239 pick for the Miami Marlins in the eighth round.

Brandon Birdsell:

Sophomore Brandon Birdsell was the 339th pick for the Minnesota Twins in the eleventh round.

Dylan Neuse:

Junior Dylan Neuse was the 519th pick for the Minnesota Twins in the seventeenth round.

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