Texas Tech Soccer vs. Kansas University

Junior forward Kirsten Davis prepares to kick the ball towards the goal during the game against Kansas at 1 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019, at the John Walker Soccer Complex. The game ended in a draw.

The National Women’s Soccer League College Draft aired via Twitch on Jan. 13, and three Big 12 women’s soccer players were chosen, including Texas Tech senior forward Kirsten Davis.

Davis was picked 13th overall by Racing Louisville FC, according to a Tech Release. Louisville will see Davis on their field in 2022 after she finishes her collegiate career with the Red Raiders in the fall of 2021.

Davis is the fifth Tech player to be drafted into the professional leagues and earned the third-highest pick in program history, according to a Tech Release.

 Davis, the captain of Tech’s team during the 2020 season, has scored a total of 26 goals in her four years with the Red Raiders, according to Tech Athletics. During the shortened season due to COVID-19, Davis scored two goals, with one being the game-winner, and had one assist.

In 2019, Davis accumulated numerous honors and awards including the 2019 Big 12 Offensive Player of the year, First Team All-American, First Team All-Midwest and First Team All-Big 12, according to Tech Athletics. Moreover, Davis had 16 goals and led the Big 12 at the time with 39 points for the Red Raiders.

Davis earned the number one spot in program history after scoring six game-winning goals in the 2019 season, the most any Tech player has had in a single season, according to Tech Athletics.

In 2018, the Red Raiders named the St. Louis native offensive MVP after she led the team in points and finished her junior season with 21 points along with starting in every match that season, according to Tech Athletics.

Davis is one of two players in program history to have four points in an NCCA tournament game, according to Tech Athletics.

Davis will return to the John Walker Soccer Complex this fall to conclude her senior season. Due to COVID-19, Davis has one season left of eligibility and then will move on to the Racing Louisville FC. 

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