On Wednesday afternoon, Texas Tech Basketball head coach Chris Beard was part of a virtual conversation hosted by HallPass Media to discuss the upcoming college basketball season.

The discussion also featured ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg, TCU head coach Jamie Dixon and executive director of the National Association of Basketball Coaches Craig Robinson.

When asked about the five months away from the game of basketball, Beard touched on missing multiple aspects of the team.

“You realize how much you love this game and how you miss all the little things,” Beard said. “The interaction in the locker room, the tough practice, the team function, we just weren’t around our players a lot.”

He mentions that it was difficult not being able to see his players during the COVID-19 shutdown, even those that still resided in Lubbock.

One of the complications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is live sporting events. Chris Beard supported possibility of the idea that college basketball could be played in a “bubble” environment, similar to the NBA and WNBA. He mentioned the team’s success in their own “bubble” as additional evidence that the idea could work.

“When the NCAA allowed us to start working with our players in early July that’s exactly what we did,” Beard said. “We created our own bubble.”

Beard said that most of the team is living off-campus, allowing them to live in a cleaner environment than on-campus dorms. He also mentioned that the team had been practicing social distancing, wearing masks in public and had been playing in sanitized facilities.

Robinson said that there was “blueprint” provided by the NBA and WNBA, who are playing their seasons inside of a “bubble” environment. Beard mentioned that the successes of these leagues have provided encouragement towards the idea of one being formed in college basketball.

With the college basketball season just a few months away, Beard said he was “hopeful and optimistic” that his team would be playing again soon.

“I remain very optimistic, I think there is going to be college basketball,” Beard said. “I think there will be some type of bubble system.”

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