Coronavirus Update

As the Big 12 Conference suspended all organized team activities until March 29, the conference reevaluated the ongoing developments regarding COVID-19 and made several new policies for its student-athletes on Sunday.

The first policy listed was that there could be no organized in-person team activities of any type. This includes workouts, film sessions, meetings, drills or captains’ practices in any location.

While student-athletes cannot participate in these activities in-person, the Big 12 will allow coaches to recommend written workout plans with proper procedures outlined by the institution’s sports performance, medial and/or training personnel. The Big 12 will also allow workout plan demonstration videos to show proper form and technique. With that being said, personnel from the institution cannot supervise, conduct or monitor workouts on or off-campus. This also includes virtual supervision.

With all in-person activities prohibited, the Big 12 will allow virtual group activities. While virtual film study, technical discussions, tactical sessions and non-physical activities are allowed, they are limited to two hours per week in all sports and can only be conducted by countable coaches.

All non-athletically related support for student-athletes, such as sports medicine treatments, physical therapy and rehabilitation, academic support and mental health and wellness support, is fully permissible. In-person meals and nutritional supplements on campus are allowed to be provided if there is a student-athlete who is in a situation where they cannot leave campus, while the off-campus nutritional supplements are limited to items outlined in NCAA Bylaw

While the student-athletes are away from their universities, the Big 12 will allow institutions to provide apparel and personal equipment that is normally available when they are conditioning on campus. This is meant for items such as stretching bands and foam rollers, not equipment and machines like stationary bicycles, treadmills or weights.

Prospective student-athletes cannot be involved in any activities, including those done virtually.

All of these policies will be in effect as of 7 a.m. on Monday and will remain until May 31 or until additional information is provided. The Big 12 Board of Directors of Athletics will meet regularly to discuss the changes and decisions regarding the policies. Decisions regarding structure, schedule and training after the pandemic period will be announced as the circumstances progress.

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